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Tehstupid Has Seen LOST 2.1!!Now With Superspoilage!!

I am – Hercules!!

Normally we wouldn’t post something with so many punishingly gigantor spoilers – but thousands saw the “Lost” season premiere Wednesday night, so you can be certain all this stuff will be everywhere anyway.


“tehstupid” says:

Hey Herc- Lucky to be living here in Hawaii, I was able to attend the premiere of Lost's season 2 opener a week early. Some of the cast and crew were there including Naveen Andrews, Dominic Monaghan, Josh Holloway, Maggie Grace, Matthew Fox, Daniel Dae Kim, Harold Perrineau were there also joined by newcomers Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje, Michelle Rodriguez, and Cynthia Watros. Producers Jack Bender and Jean Higgins were also there.

The crowd turnout was huge despite the rainy weather. Before and during the show, the rain came down hard but no one seemed to leave. It was "end of the world type weather" I suppose.

After a short introduction by the mayor and Jack Bender (who asked for us not to spoil the show for those who have to wait until next week), the show kicked off.

Here's a summary of the episode for those who can't wait until next week. All others turn away now.







Okay, you have been warned.

The season opener starts with a "previously on Lost" recap of events which happened last season. After that the buzzing of an alarm clock goes off and we are in someones room. The unknown man wakes up and is going about his morning routine of working out, making breakfast, showering, etc. During his routine, an explosion is heard and the room shakes. The man rushes to grab a gun as the camera moves away and out of the room, down a corridor, and up a shaft to show Locke and Jack peering down the hatch.

The flashbacks in this episode center around Jack in what seems to be his earliest flashback to date, excluding the childhood ones. He is sporting a new, longer, haircut and we see him in the emergency room treating victims of a car crash. He is forced to decide between working on the man who was hit or the woman who crashed her car into the other guy. He chooses the woman and works his magic. After the emergency room sequence we see that the woman is in fact Julie Bowen who played Jack's wife last season. She needs an operation because her spine is crushed and will almost certainly be permanently paralyzed for the rest of her life. Jack isn't too optimistic about her situation.

Afterwards, Jack is called aside by his father who tells him that he has to be optimistic at times even though it may be giving false hope. Jack then promises Sarah that he will fix her before starting the operation. Next we see Jack running up and down stairs in a stadium. Jack slips on a stair and twists his ankle, but another runner comes over and helps Jack. They get to talking and the other guy's name is Desmund. He is an athlete training to go around the world. He talks to Jack about his promise to fix Sarah and that he broke his promise and they talk about miracles happening. Desmund gets up and before leaving says, "see you in another life." Sarah wakes up after the surgery and

Jack is sititng by the bed. He tells her that he broke the promise and that she is paralyzed from the waist down. She says that he must be joking because she can wiggle her toes. They share a happy moment.

Note that this all takes place throughout the episode through several flashbacks, not just one like I described it.

Back on the island, Hurley explains to Jack about the numbers being bad luck and Jack replies, "they're just numbers." Seeing that the ladder down the hatch is broken, Jack decides to go back to the others and tell them that they need to find somewhere else to hide since they can't lower everyone into the hatch one by one. Back at the camp, Shannon has lost Vincent and goes off looking for him along with Sayid. They are seperated and Shannon sees a drenched Walt standing in the middle of the jungle. Sayid comes up behind Shannon and she turns back but Walt is gone. Jack tells everyone that they can't go into the hatch, but they can make cmap there and that they'll be fine. Locke comes back to gather some cables because he is going into the hatch. After talking with Jack, Kate decides to go along with Locke.

Locke lowers Kate into the hatch and at the bottom, she says that theres something down there. Next thing you know white light is shining out of the hatch and Locke pulls up a Kate-less cable. Locke decides to go in after her. Jack goes after Kate and Locke and gets to the hatch to see no one there. He uses the cable to descend into the hatch.

At the bottom is a long corridor, reminiscent of a submarine in the way that there are pipes all over. There is a wall with a large mural painted on the wall with the paints still on the ground next to it. Then there is a sound of a motor which turns out to be something like a surveilance camera. Jack pulls out the gun and all of a sudden loud music starts playing and bright white light is shining down the corridors. Jack turns down a hall away from the light and makes his way into a large room with lots of computers and machinery. He is about to press a button on one of the keyboards when, from behind, Locke says, "you shouldn't do that." Jack turns around and pulls the gun on Locke. Then a gun is pulled to the side of Locke and we see the mysterious man from the beginning, but not much of his face. After some threats and a false shot being fired, we see that the mysterious man is actually Desmund, whom Jack met in his flashback. Jack says, "you...?" and the episode closes with the trademark "LOST" and DOOSH sound.

So thats the first episode of the new season. No sight of anyone who was on the raft. No sight of the new cast members. I found the episode to be a little disappointing in the sense that not much was accomplished, but then again it just makes me want more Lost. Seems like we've got another winning season ahead of us.

After the show, we were asked to fill out surveys and as a gift for doing so, we were given Lost license plate frames which say "I'd rather be... LOST." And even more after that they also premiered the new ABC show Invasion. Yes, Lost is a hard act to follow and not many people stuck around for Invasion, or it could have been because to the rain.

Well I can't wait for more of Lost's second season.

if you use this, call me tehstupid.

“Lost” returns to ABC with new episodes on Wednesday.

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