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Not Toronto! But check out a review of the WALLACE & GROMIT movie, CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... Tarantino is taking the stage for SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, the great killer Santa Claus movie! It's awesome and I can't wait! Here's the Wallace & Gromit review!

Hey guys. Just wanted to send in a quickie about Wallace & Grommit : Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

It?s just come out here in sunny Queensland, Australia, so thought I?d let you Yankee Doodles know what I thought.

Okily Dokily, where to start. First off, to know where I?m coming from, I have seen the Wallace and Grommit shows, thought they were good, but y?know, not tremendous. This being said, I only saw them once each about, what, 5-6 years ago, maybe I?d like em better now? Who knows? Are they on DVD?

Anyway, I really liked Chicken Run, loved the film references and some good clean humour. But again, don?t have it on DVD or nuttin.

So anyone who loves those things will probably have higher expectations than I had. Onto ?THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT? (is there a hyphen in there?). It was god damn spectacular. Loved every moment of it?s short running time. It?s a very innocent kind of humour Nick Park brings to these characters, but there is a lot for an adult/young ?man? to get out of them.

Not unlike Chicken Run, this film has many references to other well known films (such as a great moment featuring a scene which will be recreated in a high profile remake coming out this December), and plenty of well made and actually exciting action sequences. There is also a scary-ness about it, for the younglings anyways, in the vein of other ?Were-? movies.

But it?s all about the laughs aint it? And there be plenty to be had here. From lady Tottington?s wardrobe to Ralph Fiennes? dog?s moment during an exciting plane chase come fight (you?ll know this when you see it). This film does an amzing job of also capturing the life of a small community in England. Probably. How the hell should I know, I?ve never been there.

The characters are so well fleshed out you rarely think of them as clay animation. Lady Tottington and Ralph Fiennes (damned if I can remember his name) come across very genuine and have their plans and motives made very clear without actually spelling it out. But Wallace & Grommit do stand out and have new depth added to their characters. It?s just amazing the emotions that come out in Grommit considering he basically has no mouth and uses only his eyes and eyebrows to convey his feelings. Another new character to come from this film is a rabbit who ?mind melds? with Wallace, he has some cracking moments.

As I?ve stated, some of the action scenes come off damn well, with some great special effects thrown in, and some gorgeous cinematography. The music is also a standout. I think it was done by Hans Zimmer, and although it captures the feel of the original series, it also uses some brilliant orchestral work with some of the more emotional scenes.

Anyway the point of this review is to make people go and see this film. Whether I?ve achieved that or made people feel that only retards will like this movie, such as me, I don?t know. It is well crafted and well worth the money to see it, and I will definently get it on DVD. Also for anyone who liked the penguins from Madagascar ( I haven?t even seen it, but have been told they are the only funny parts) there was a short in front of my showing with them in a Christmas-ey story. It was actually quite good, but I wanted the main feature to hurry up already.

8.5/10 ?Cracking?

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