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It's time to pray... Please don't end Steve Carell's young career, EVAN ALMIGHTY, Please!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... I was scanning Variety and low and behold they've officially announced Steve Carell's follow-up to THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. On the surface it's a choice that doesn't strike me as a great one, but the story could have some really good laughs in it.

Carell will reprise his role as Evan, the anchorman, from BRUCE ALMIGHTY to fill in Jim Carrey's Bruce's shoes (boy that's a mouthful) in the follow-up EVAN ALMIGHTY.

Yeah... That's what I thought, too... But the story actually sounds kinda funny... This time God calls upon Carell (Not Bruce since Jim Carrey doesn't want to do it) to build an Ark in preparation for a huge flood. Animals and Carell. Ah what a lovely pairing... So, I saw BRUCE ALMIGHTY maybe twice... and the only thing I remember about Carell's character was that key scene where Bruce makes him jabber ridiculous shit on air. I have faith that if Carell is headlining this film, especially if he gets to interact with Morgan Freeman again as God (Freeman's in negotiations to return), that he'll add on to this character (or start it completely from scratch) and make it a really enjoyable experience. I just hope the script is up to snuff and we don't have another SON OF THE MASK on our hands. I will say that Carell is a mighty big step up from Jamie Kennedy, though, so we have that in this film's favor. What do you folks think?

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