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What's Christopher Nolan up to' THE EXEC and THE PRESTIGE'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some info about the immediate future of fanboy favorite filmmaker Christopher Nolan. I'm anxious to see his follow-up to BATMAN BEGINS and this film, THE PRESTIGE, while not the announced next film just might be his next according to this report, sounds like an awesome flick. I'm gonna have to search out the book now! THE EXEC (his announced next flick) and THE PRESTIGE are both written by Jonathan Nolan, who last scripted Christopher's MEMENTO. Can't wait to see the family team up again! Just as long as Nolan keeps some time free for the next BATMAN movie! Anyway, enjoy the report from WorldCon!

So this is a little late, but only because I thought it would be all over the Internet like a rash - but no one seems to have mentioned it.

At Interaction, this year's World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Glasgow, Christopher Priest (not the American comic book guy, the English novelist) was a guest of honour and gave an address. Among many interesting things he talked about (Harlan Ellison... ahem!) he mentioned that Christopher Nolan was interested in making a film of one of his earlier novels, the excellent The Prestige.

Not that big a deal, I hear you say. Newmarket films have had an option on the book for ages and Nolan has been sniffing around it for ages.

Well, Priest has read Jonathon Nolan's script - which he thinks is brilliant and he reckons the film is set to go into production in November - which, if he's right - and he seemed pretty confident (or as confident as an author can be about plans to adapt their work, which isn't that confident, I admit) puts "The Exec", Nolan's announced next movie in an interesting position.

The Prestige is a cool story about two 19th century magicians who start a petty feud that comes to dominate the rest of their lives as they try to outdo each others tricks and success. The novel features a bit part for Nicholas Tesla as a more or less nutty scientist and a creepy ending.

Priest described the script as faithful while changing every detail and said that if the movie was made it would be closer to Momento than to Nolan's more recent films - Insomnia or Batman.

The Prestige is a great story and could make a brilliant film if handled right.

I'm excited.

Call me The Fat SF Fan, that should narrow things down enough for my mother to know I wrote this.

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