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I am – Hercules!!

How giddy does that headline make you? I can tell you it makes me super-extra-giddy!! The funniest, smartest and best writer or director on “Angel” not named Joss is Joss Whedon’s pick to write and direct a new “Spike” TV movie?? Fuck. Me.

From, July 22, 2005:

The "Smallville" stint may not be the only work on The WB for [James] Marsters. Network head David Janollari says he would "gladly" do a TV movie featuring the Spike character if Marsters and "Buffy"/"Angel" creator Joss Whedon want to do one.

From E! Online, Aug. 19, 2005:

“I just got off the phone with someone who talked to Joss [Whedon] yesterday, who claimed that [the "Spike The Vampire"] project was very much on the front burner. Joss has never told me anything like that. He's checked with me twice, to see if I was interested. I said yes twice, and both times he's been very clear that this doesn't mean that anything's going forward, [he] just wants to have [his] ducks in a row.” – James Marsters

From, Aug. 20, 2005:

"I had lunch with Joss and he asked me if I wanted to write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing. Should I do it? (I of course said yes right off, still) Anything under 13 hours scares me. And anything over 13 hours... um. I got nothin'." – Tim Minear

Now, Whedonesque (rather irritatingly) does not reveal to whom Minear told this, or where the quote appeared, so I wrote Tim and asked after its legitimacy. Mr. Minear’s reply:

Yeah, that's me. Probably shouldn't have said anything, but what the hell. You're behind this somehow, aren't you?

Whatta maroon!! Yeah, Tim, sure. Like some fucking little Internet TV gossip is going to play a role in getting you hired to revive the entire Buffiverse!


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