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That Project Greenlight Horror film - FEAST... Apparently - it's really good... No, for real!

Hey folks, Harry here - and I want to see this NOW! This sounds absolutely like a blast! We need it now! I had heard it was good - but this sounds really good. Watch out for spoilers - not that they'll keep ya from wanting to see it. This sounds great.

Hey there,

They screened the PGL flick FEAST tonight.

I have been waiting to hear how Gulager did with this film for months now. For the first time I was actually interested in seeing a Project Greenlight movie. At the very least it looked like it would be an interesting train wreck, but not a boring one. There has been no trailer. I've heard jack shi*% about FEAST. So, I was surprised as hell when I found out about a screening tonight. The red haired man was there. I think the producers were there too, but I definitely saw the Gulager in full force.

I must say, I thought FEAST was going to be bad, but a good kind of bad. Like maybe it would be bloody junk to see but not necessarily brag about.

I've never been so happy to be wrong.

FEAST delivers the goods and I am proud to tell y'all. If the audience was any indication then I am not the only one that jumped, laughed and cringed at the lovely and twisted tapestry that Mr. Gulager wove.

That is not to say there aren't some improvements to be made. Some of the horror is so kinetic that it was hard to keep up with and a few of the threats could use some beefing up, but all in all I can't complain. Feast has "cult" written all over it. Its mix of humor and shocks harkens back to the glory of Tremors and Return of the Living Dead (nice to see Clu Gualger kick like-wise ass in this film as well). The biggest relief of all was there was not a ghost, icky water, or creepy child in this film. It isn't a remake. It isn't a sequel. This is a creature feature pure and simple and it is a bloody one at that. I don't know if all the red stuff will make it to the screen in tact but it was damn plentiful.

I don't think the plot will come as any surprise. It is a bunch of strangers trapped in a bar and fighting for their lives. Okay. Nuff said. Fortunately, more often than not, this sucker turns left when we expect a right. The laughs and jumps come pretty fast and furious once this family of road kill wearing creatures lay siege to the roadhouse. What begins to set this familiar scenario apart is the bizarre nature of the monstrous family and the quips and blunders of the down and out patrons of the tavern. These are not your everyday creatures. For example, if you kill one, they just hump and make two more. If you run for it, they run faster. If you fight, they bite. I don't want to give too much away, but this thing is not afraid to get nasty or clever.

Essentially, Feast becomes a war film as the humans keep trying to outwit these creatures with ever escalating plans of attack and retreat. The goal of the characters: survive. The goal of the creatures: devour.

I would not walk into this film looking for an important character drama. This is a horror film that pokes fun at the clichés we have been force fed for years. FEAST begins with character introduction cards that describe the "type" of person they are in the horror world, complete with a "life expectancy" rating. Some of them are true. Some of them are lies. Gulager never lets the audience get too comfortable. There is always a horrible demise lurking behind the next wrong decision.

The cast is more than game. Henry Rollins is hysterical. He plays an inspirational speaker that has the absolute worst advice for our character's troubled times. Clu Gulager is in fine form and one wonders why the guy isn't in more films these days. In fact the casting of Gulager, Eileen Ryan and the every smarmy Duane Whittaker proves that actors over the age of nineteen can be in movies these days. Judah Friedlander pretty much steals every scene he is in as an especially unlucky dope who spends the entirety of the movie in constant suffering. A real big surprise comes with Krista Allen who has a scene of carnage and vengeance at the end of this bad boy that had the entire audience clapping. I am not kidding. Clapping and cheering for a Greenlight film. I have now seen everything.

One last note, the cinematography is pretty damn wicked. The colors just spill. It reminded me of an Italian horror flick. Gulager's method finds beauty in some of the vilest moments I have seen in a long time. We're not just seeing bloodshed; we're witnessing extreme violence through the eye of an artist. The acerbic humor comes into play just when the carnage stops and helps buoy a number of moments that would have fallen into a flat routine in lesser fare.

If you like it fast, scary and funny here it is. Ladies and Gents, Mr. Gulager has the goods. The FEAST is coming. Now bring on PGL4!!!

P.S. Stay through the credits!

I am:

Mr. Wide-Eyed

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