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Since we won't be watching the WATCHMEN, will we watch Paul Greengrass' 9/11 film FLIGHT 93'

Hey folks, Harry here... All this plane news, the Greek airliner, SNAKES ON A PLANE and now Paul Greengrass' FLIGHT 93... and I just got finished late Sunday Night/Monday Morning watching John Wayne's ISLAND IN THE SKY and THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY. I'd never seen either film, and I really like ISLAND IN THE SKY - THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY was just friggin great. From the 50's Americana they relish in - to just the "human drama" of each character, to John Wayne actually whistling along to Dimitri Tiomkin's Oscar winning soundtrack... IN THE MOVIE! What a cool way to introduce a theme. Anyways - the world seems to be caught in the midst of airline disaster fever. And according to Variety spills all on what Paul Greengrass is getting to shoot instead of THE WATCHMEN! ARGH!

FLIGHT 93, that's the flight that on 9/11 didn't hit any buildings, but went down purportedly due to passenger heroics - but that several conspiracy theory websites claim was shot down by our government - then planted with alleged heroics recorded on the black box. Personally, like John Ford - I like the legend of the American's rising up and fucking up evil's plans - and it seems Greengrass does too. Apparently - he's going into this with a very rough script, but plans to use improvisation, handheld photography and other rather experimental and inventive cinematic tricks (meaning - not expensive CG). Variety is already pitting this film against Oliver Stone's 9/11 film about rescues at ground zero - specifically the rescue of a pair of officers trapped in the rubble desperately hanging to life. What is interesting though - is both filmmakers are incredibly politically charged and minded directors. Oliver Stone we all know, but Paul Greengrass is a fiercely intelligent director of BLOODY SUNDAY. But to me - I'm more curious to see how FLIGHT 93 stacks up to SNAKES ON A PLANE - also due out next summer.

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