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Harry here... BLACKJACK times a thousand! Sorry, had to. I also had to make the Aquaf@g joke, cuz - well the two pornstars with the black dildos made me. To completely level - I don't believe this will happen... BUT if it were to happen this isn't a bad way to go. James Cameron doing an Aquaman film would just be amongst the more surreal film activities around. Wahlberg's face is a bit puggy - and I can't imagine him with blonde blonde hair. Best Aquaman line I've heard recently was on that 2nd SUPERFRIENDS dvd - where everyone is disparaging Aquaman - and then it comes to Paul Dini - who is stuffing his face with a pop-tart as he says, "Superman couldn't talk to fishes!" A-fucking-Men! You hear that Superman? You can't talk to fishes! Then I thought about it, Superman could talk to fishes - but could they understand Superman, and would Superman be able to understand them? Therein lies the inadequacy of the man from Krypton! Meanwhile: Join SUICIDE GIRLS to read interviews... ahem... yeah...


Is art imitating life?

Mark Wahlberg produces the show Entourage based on his life in Hollywood. in that show, star Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) is playing the film version Aquaman but almost didnt because of the ugly costume. .

that prompted me to ask Wahlberg (during a recent press junket for Four Brothers) "Have you turned down superhero movies because of the costume?"

Wahlberg responded with "Yeah that?s kind of happened before but crazy. Jim Cameron was joking around saying ?We should really do this thing? and everybody?s all like we should do Aquaman together."

Suicide Girls' Marky Mark Interview

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Daniel Robert Epstein

SuicideGirls.Com Interviews

NOTE: To Talkbackers that didn't watch HBO's ENTOURAGE

The headline of this article is in reference to the parody that ENTOURAGE did of a character that many feel was based upon me. In the episode, R.J. (the character allegedly based upon me) threatens to destroy a filmed adaptation of AQUAMAN by calling it AQUAF@G unless the producers of said film provided R.J. with one of the two things he wanted when he created his site. To be rich and to get laid. Daniel Robert Epstein asked the question in his letter - "Is art imitating life?" and I decided to have further imitate art. Of course - most of you probably don't have HBO or see ENTOURAGE. Sigh

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