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'The Farm'!! Herc's Not Seen BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2.5!!

I am – Hercules!!

What does TV Guide (the inferior version to which Herc subscribes) say?

Adama returns to duty to find the fleet divided and his estranged son in cahoots with terrorist Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) in a pivotal episode. Cylon Sharon’s attempt on Adama’s life left Galactica in the care of the unsteady Tigh, whose bloody efforts to enforce discipline have sown the seeds of a possible civil war. To quell the growing unrest, Adama orders the arrest of Apollo and President Roslin, who are plotting revolution with Zarek’s help. Meanwhile, on Caprica, a physician takes a special interest in Starbuck after she’s wounded by the Cylons.

What is TV Guide not telling us? Invisotext on:

1) Adama orders all ships searched as Apollo and Roslin send a message seeking popular support.

2) Apollo refuses to condemn his dad.

3) Roslin plays the religious card and proclaims herself the voice of the prophet Pythia.

4) Roslin’s announcement will be met with results even she finds shocking.

5) After Starbuck is nursed to health by a doctor named Simon, she wakes to find a mysterious new scar.

6) Starbuck gets violent with Dr. Simon.

7) Starbuck discovers her fellow female survivors have been transformed into Cylon baby-machines.

10 p.m. Friday. SciFi.

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