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James Cameron stresses BATTLE ANGEL ALITA is his next'!'!'

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm so anxious to see Jim actually shooting on BATTLE ANGEL ALITA, I just need to see a new Cameron feature film. Also - I've been getting strange reports from around the web of Cameron's script treatment to AVATAR being forced off their script sites - which has me poking around to see if Cameron is looking to get AVATAR going again - or could that be Project 880? Naaah, PROJECT 880 is probably the film that comes out of the screen and starts bitchslapping you in your theater seat. Damn that Cameron and his futuristic filmgoing technology!

Hey guys,

Exciting news: it seems that "Battle Angel" is a definite go despite rumors that Cameron might delay it for the mysterious "Project 880." In an Aug. 9 article on The Independent website about Cameron's "Last Mysteries of the Titanic" documentary, he talks about Battle Angel, saying that the story will focus on Alita's relationship with a human man (probably Hugo from the manga).

"Finally, though, he thinks the time is right for him to return to feature films because he can now harness new technology to make something entirely fresh. Unsurprisingly, he has opted for an almost insanely ambitious sci-fi blockbuster. It is clear that the director of such ground-breaking films as The Terminator and Terminator 2, Aliens, The Abyss, and True Lies wants his comeback movie to make as big a splash as they did.

Inspired by Japanese graphic novels, he is currently developing Battle Angel, a cyborg thriller set in the 26th century. "It's going to be a mega-budget film shot in 3-D," Cameron enthuses. "It's set in a post-human world in the distant future, and a number of the main characters will be computer-generated. It's a kind of virtual film-making. We're building a whole new motion-capture technology. I'm impatient to get on with using the tools of the future."

He continues: "The main thrust is a love story between a human man and a female cyborg, and the film contains a range of characters from the fully human to the fully machine. I'm embracing the fact that human beings are amazingly adaptable. We've got a lot of flaws, but we're also pretty clever. We've got the tools, but can we use them?"

here's the link:

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If you use this you can call me "Desty Nova" (after the flan-loving mad scientist from the Battle Angel books)

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