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More on Bruce Campbell Fighting Zombies!

Hey folks, Harry here... If I were ROGUE, DIMENSION, NEW LINE, LIONS GATE or REVOLUTION - I'd sign up with DARK HORSE on this immediately and produce the living dead out of it. You've got an absolute Icon that's sold more DVDs than Mickey Mouse - Has two Best Selling books - and is a genre god... fighting Zombies. With the correct marketing and push... and Bruce on every talk show in America - this movie could be 5 times as big as STEALTH or THE ISLAND! And still cost less than half of what their opening weekend dribbles were. Call this, "HI! I'M BRUCE CAMPBELL, YOU MAY REMEMBER ME FROM..." heh. Here ya go...

Hey folk, Drunk-ass Steve here. This is a week and a half late, but I'm a busy guy. Bruce Campbell had his book signing and Man With The Screaming Brain showing here in Minneapolis last week and I happened to make it there. AICN has had a couple little bits about an upcoming Campbell movie where the world gives him a shotgun and a chainsaw to take on zombies. I figured for all your sake, I'd ask him these questions both at the signing and the Q&A at the movie.

So here's the fucking score... Bruce said to me at the signing that it is not the world, it is a small town in Oregon (the state in which he lives). At the premier of The Man With The Screaming Brain, I asked nearly the same question but asked for more detail; partially for the AICN crowd, but also for the crowd there that probably had no idea it was in the works. He said the movie should be shooting sometime fairly soon this year by Dark Horse Comics. It is a small town in Oregon that gets overrun by zombies and some dumb fuck recognizes Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series and has the "great" idea to give him a double barrelled shotgun and a chainsaw. In short, he said, "the whole town mistakes me as Ash, and I've never shot a gun, nor used a chainsaw." Bruce commented on this saying something like, "and I don't know shit on how to use either one, so I actually cause more deaths than the zombies." I mostly asked this to get a title out of him 'cause this would be bigger news, but for now it is "Bruce Campbell Untitled" I think, or something close to that. Either way, it's untitled as of yet.

For those of you still planning on hitting a Bruce Campbell showing, I do highly recommend asking about Sam Raimi's car that is used in every movie he has done. Bruce's story and plans about that are fucking hilarious. If this actually gets used, I may share what I remember in the Talkbacks.

As for The Man With The Screaming Brain, I'd review it, but I don't have reviewer skills. It was funny as hell, definitely worth a watch, but I didn't have as high opinion of it as I expected. I think the Q&A was the best part of it all.

Drunk-ass Steve (International Quarter-ass Celebrity) out...

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