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Got Shrooms' Peyote' LSD' Really Good Pot' Well Check out THE FOUNTAIN website!

Well I don't either - but after spending about 15 minutes staring at THE FOUNTAIN website - I began to see people tormented in the flames of damnation, and then... I swore I saw Moriarty cackling whilst seeing the screaming masses burn... but... but... that couldn't be. THE FOUNTAIN website has the most disturbingly benign tranquil image of impressionistic rage/passion... either that or it's just randomly swirling "hot" colors with no residual meaning other than to furl your brow and ponder like Mongo on the way of life. They've also got a screensaver - that is essentially well... you'll see. Ya gotta love Darren Aronofsky - he certainly doesn't go down the well tread path of sameness.


A really cool looking screensaver showing what looks to be an example of Peter Parks' chemical reactions photography they are going to use in place of CGI. Hopefully we'll get the trailer soon too.

Dr. Stat

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