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Harry Knowles Is Not In This Week's Comic-Con ENTOURAGE!!

I am – Hercules!!

“And that comment just cost you your opening weekend, Aquafag!”

“I have one goal in my life right now. Drown. ‘Aquaman.’”

They were willing to approach James Cameron, but the little bitches behind “Entourage” fear Harry Knowles as much as they fear Harvey Weinstein, so they decided to make up some chubby, unshaven, curly-haired, bespectacled geek named “R.J.” who runs a website that attracts millions of nerds daily!!

This episode would have been 100 times funnier if they got the real Harry instead of the guy from the fake NBC "Office." Trust me, I know from personal experience that Harry does not fear the black dildos. On-screen or off.

It is now my mission to destroy “Entourage.” Hey, HBO? Thanks for cancelling “Carnviale,” geniuses!! Effective today, Showtime is HBO, and HBO is Starz, bitches!!

P.S., I'm telling Michael DeLuca about "Turtle"!! Prepare for the biggest lawsuit of your life, HBO assholes, even if you did make him taller, skinnier and smarter!!

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