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Zach Snyder to unleash the dawn of the 300 by Frank Miller'

Hey folks, Harry here... want a juicy succulent rumor that you'll just get giddy about? Ok, ya know how 300 by Frank Miller has been languishing over at Warners without anyone attached? Well, it looks like Zach Snyder... director of the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD is all signed up to direct Frank Miller's brilliant graphic novel, 300. Not only that - but he plans to shoot it, like Robert Rodriguez as a near shot for panel recreation of the book. You see, the word has it that he's got $60 million - and that it will be shot entirely in-studio in Vancouver. They're set to begin shooting this Fall. Personally, I liked Zack's DAWN OF THE DEAD - and this story is one of the great "last stands" in the history of humanity. And they kicked a lot of ass. Also, Miller's 300 is pretty outstanding, I'm not sure if I think the CG route is necessarily the way to go with this... but then... that would make it look radically different from the onslaught of historical recreations... ahem... god knows they don't use tons of computer imagery. Heh. Let's see what else pops up on this one!

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