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Dr Doom going hitchhiking in THE HITCHER'

Hey folks, Harry here... It'd be real easy to be mean and unfair to Julian McMahon based on his Dr Doom, but ultimately... as much as I didn't enjoy that performance of his - I blame him least in its creation. Could Julian have played Victor better had the part been written better... giving him more character to work with? Well, McMahon has a lot of fans from NIP/TUCK and given I haven't watched that show, I'm not gonna begin to refute their appreciation, as I'm ill informed. Having said that, at this point - it's kinda hard for me to imagine him being nearly as delicious in the role of THE HITCHER as Rutger Hauer was. I mean, c'mon... Rutger was one fucked up icky as shit on your forehead on a summer day in that film. Then again... I friggin love the original THE HITCHER. It isn't a sacred cow, and thus far I have definitely enjoyed the Platinum Dunes remakes, though I have to admit... I'm very curious to see them do something original in the genre. Hopefully, all in good time, eh? Them casting Jordana Brewster in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE the prequel is interesting. I absolutely love Jordana, she was such a sweetheart when she shot THE FACULTY. Anyway... Total Film is reporting that Julian McMahon is attached as the title character in THE HITCHER remake... thanks goes to Loafroaster for the heads up!

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