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TRANSFORMERS' Comic Con Footage Online - Test Footage Galore! Geekfest!

Hey folks, Harry here with a really cool bit. Seems that the Spielberg footage I posted earlier - that part of that was in the San Diego Presentation - well thanks to the folks at AllDumb.Com - we get to see that reel... only - not the way any of us would really like to. This is fuzzy and glitchy - and not nearly the awesome OHMYGOD type of "HERE IT COMES" geek jones that you would have gotten seeing it in a room with a ton of geeks and perfectly clear. But hey... beggars can't be choosers. Hopefully - like with the STEALTH sizzle reel - we'll see this and the SUPERMAN RETURNS reels online in really great versions soon. Here it is...

Click here for fuzzy - not so great quality - but cool as hell TRANSFORMERS reel for Comic Con!

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