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Eastwood's FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS is set to invade the black beaches of Iceland!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well - it sounds like Eastwood is invading Iceland. Armored vehicles and all. Not only that but it seems he is going to black sand beaches - and that's just gonna look cool as hell. Based on James Bradley's book about the 6 men that raised the flag on Iwo Jima - and another script by Paul Haggis. Will this be a great film? Certainly has that type of potential. Here ya go...

Hi there

I live up here in the cold north, Iceland, and this summer we are lucky enough to have some movie making going on. Clint Eastwood is filming parts of Flags of our fathers. It seems he likes the black beaches that are avalible here in Iceland. Anyhow the production is hiring 400 extras and 20speaking parts (small speaking parts I belive). Now filming is due to begin in august and last til semptember. But on to the good stuff here (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS & SEE TEXT YOU CAN'T READ!) you can find pictures of equipment that is to be used in the production. Sorry the page is in Icelandic (but it does explain my bad spelling). The article says that the budget is estimated at about 80 million dollers of wich 32 million will be used in Iceland. The article also says that the vehicles in the pictures are called DUKW, aka crocodile (or aligator, same word in Icelandic).

If you use this call me Hunter

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