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A look at Albert Brooks' new comedy - LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well - the "Untitled Albert Brooks Project (2005)" well - we got a title. LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD. Is there any wonder that this has taken Albert a while. This is a moderately sensitive subject matter - and I've no idea how this film will be accepted by the audience, no matter its religious preference, but for comedy - it is definitely a fertile ground. I know many Muslims that have fantastic senses of humor and would welcome a comedy like this - but I also know many folks that right now don't see anything funny in the current situation. To me, that's why it's so perfect for hilarity. Look how great DR STRANGELOVE was - and at the time it came out, that was the very very really real reality facing the world. It doesn't sound like the comedy is at the expense of the Muslim world - but more of the perception of the Muslim World by an American citizen as well as the red tape in our goverment. Can't wait to see this one!

Howdy, long time listener

I just went to see Albert Brooks' new movie Wed. night at the Archlight in LA. I am a big fan so I was kind of geeking out about seeing it in advance. It's so damn long in between his movies that I go into starvation mode and have to keep watching the old ones on DVD. By the way, does anyone know if Modern Romance is EVER coming out? What the hell?!

Anyway, so I go to the screening and I'm all excited cause I think the last one of these I actually went to was for Beethoven 2 when I first moved to LA and didn't know any better and was just excited to see a free anything, and this time there?s the promise not only of an actually decent movie but an Albert Brooks movie!!!

Anyway, I don't want to give too much away other than to say that the movie is called, "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" which I guess does reveal something of the plot but it's the movie title so I don't think I am giving anything away. The cast is really good too but they aren't big names. His movies usually aren't about movie stars but this one might even be more under the radar. I recognized John Carroll Lynch (Gothika, Carnivale) and Jon Tenney (who's done a bunch of TV stuff - and was married to mega hottie Teri Hatcher) but the lead girl I didn't know. She is really cute though (possible future mega hottie).

Anyway, the movie takes place mostly in India, Albert (who is playing himself) gets sent on a real life mission, by the government, to find out what make the Muslims laugh. It is hard to tell if most of the actors are actually Indian or just playing Indian characters but I guess that tells you how good the over all quality of the acting is. John Lynch and Jon Tenney play secret service types who are sent with Albert to help him write a 500 page report. They end up thwarting him every step of the way with all their bureaucracy and red tape. They even forget to get him a visa to Pakistan and have to sneak him over the border illegally. The lead actress is a beautiful young girl, as I said, who is hired to assist Albert in India gathering information for the report. There is no real love story between them but you get the definite feeling that her character may secretly be in love with him. And Albert, true to his usual style, is completely oblivious.

So I don't want to tell too much cause the plot unfolds perfectly and has a nice revelations all along the way. But the movie is so funny, maybe his best - dare I say it. There are a million lines that I am still laughing about. And it's smart. And the acting is so good, and the writing is so funny and sharp and actually has a pretty cool liberal bent. It's just a huge pleasure to see one of my favorite filmmakers still at the top of his game.

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