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Comic-Con: Quint's got pics from Weta's booth! KONG and NARNIA!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here again with the second of two reports post-Preview Night of the San Diego Comic-Con 2005.

The last report had a ton of pics of upcoming toys and busts that I want... The below are all from Weta's booth. Not Sideshow/Weta, mind you. Weta is going out on their own, building, selling and distributing their awesome work all on their own. It looks like they got both the KING KONG and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE accounts as their booth was littered with prototypes of these busts and scenes.

First, I'm going to share my KING KONG pics (thanks to Kraken for playing Peter Parker during the Con)... Here's the big bust... which is geeky-cool, but I prefer... one that I'll share in a minute... Here's the fully colored KONG bust!

See the detail of the scaring all over KONG's head? I like. For a little more detail, here's a pic of the uncolored bronze bust:

One of the only bits about the KING KONG trailer that I'm not sure about are the raptors. The jaws are Dick Tracy squared and the eyes looked a little cartoony in the quick glimpses we get in the trailer. I love the context they're in... the great kick in the head we see, etc... and I'm sure they'll be great when finalized in the movie. I had hope and now after seeing the below... The Raptors look fuckin' killer. Here's a close up of a giant Raptor head that's one end of a large bookend. The other end is a giant T-Rex head.

There was also a great character scene involving a Raptor attacking a tommy-gun wielding Lumpy. The Lumpy character is a great sculpt of Andy Serkis. Here's a pic:

Isn't that friggin' cool? Speaking of bookends, I really dug the Kong/Rex bookend... Notice the little Ann Darrow cowering on the hill.

My favorite of all the Kong stuff... and this includes the badass Chess Set that is multi-leveled... not flat, but rugged just like Skull Island itself. But my very favorite Weta item is this...

The photo cuts it off, but Kong's holding Ann in his hand, away from the hungry Rex. This was easily over 2 feet tall and FUCKING COOL. Yes, all-caps. FUCKING COOL.

How about some Narnia stuff? There wasn't much that isn't already all over the internet, but I hadn't seen the Mr. Tumnus statue yet, so I figured it'd be something you'd want to see:

Once again, the White Witch doesn't seem to be wearing White... but then again, the scene that this bust is representing I can see benefiting from having the White Witch in such dark attire. Poor ol' Aslan...

Anyway, check her out (sorry about the flash reflection):

So now you know what's new with Weta. Richard Taylor will be down on the floor tomorrow, so I'm gonna try to grab his ear for a moment and see if he'll talk about the new direction Weta is going as both an effects house and a limited edition collectables producer.

Tomorrow starts the panels. Bruce Campbell, SCANNER DARKLY and David Cronenberg's A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE all get the panel treatment! Should be fun! Stay tuned!


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