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Ratner wants a mutant whore... for X3!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... sorry, I couldn't help but make that totally off-color headline. Too good of an opportunity to pass up... Anyway, it seems that Brett Ratner is wanting to include a mutant that showed up in later Uncanny X-Men books... well, after I stopped reading X-Men after the Age of Apocalypse days... this character's name is Stacy X, a mutant prostitute, and doesn't seem to be a big character and I wouldn't guess would play a huge part in the film... at least I hope not. Talk about totally unneeded characters. I want to see Gambit on the big screen. I want to see Beast being badass even more. Angel is also a visually stunning and great tormented character. I think you can include some new characters and keep the characters that have already been established in the lime-light without too much difficulty... Let's just hope Ratner doesn't go hog wild throwing in every character he likes from the books! This was broken by Page 6, not really known for their breaking news, so I'll label this as rumor until it's confirmed by Fox or Ratner. Here's the story:

hey harry,

i just found this on today's page six column. ugh, i can only see this being good news if xmen3 is rated x.



RED-blooded director Brett Ratner is having his dream character written into the new "X-Men 3" movie. The mutant is, according to an inside source, "an unbelievably hot and sexy hooker. Her super power is that she secretes a pheromone that helps her to seduce men. She can seduce anyone." The source added the character has not yet been cast but, "they are open to all ethnicities who are in their early-to-mid 20s." Unknowns Kate Nauta and Aya Sumika are apparently auditioning. A rep for Ratner didn't return calls.

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