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Tigger Bounces No More... T.T.F.N...

Hey folks, Harry here... As some of you know - I'm a tad of a Tigger freak... I even have a full body Tigger costume. While many would think I'd have more in common with Winnie - Tigger had more of an outlandish outwardly energetic manic personality... and... he was orange. One cannot overestimate the impact that orange characters have on "redheads" like myself. But inside that ink & paint of that lovable bouncy character was such a voice... a voice that comes from a smiling place inside a man that just had to be sweetness with a dash of joy. That man was Paul Winchell.

But that wasn't all.. He was also that paragon of evil, DICK DASTARDLY... oh yes, Muttley's sidekick (heh) - the one with that wacky racer and them there flying machines as well as always trying for Yogi's treasure. He was on THE JETSONS, the BANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR, HELP! IT'S THE HAIR BEAR BUNCH (god I love that insane show), the voice of Sneetches and Sam I Am. He was Goober in GOOBER AND THE GHOST-CHASERS, Revs on WHEELIE AND THE CHOPPER BUNCH... and on one of my favorite crazy shows... he was the voice of MOE on THE THREE ROBONIC STOOGES! -- Also he was Gargamel on THE SMURFS - never being given the satisfaction of killing all those damn pesty evil Smurfs. Winchell was a Ventriloquist, an inventor and just a part of every child's childhood for the last 60 years. Ta Ta For Now my friend, eat all the honey ya like and bounce through all the flowery fields you can find. Sad day...

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