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The Joker... to be played by the most humorless actor in Hollywood'

Hey folks, Harry here... I know the headline seems to indicate that I've a negative opinion of this rumored casting exploration that Chris Nolan is 'allegedly' pursuing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I think Sean Penn is near brilliant casting for the Joker. When making the list of folks in the current poll, he never dawned on me - but that's more my lack of vision, than anything else. For me - casting a man who was introduced to the public as one of the screen's great cinematic jokers in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH... But who in recent years has seemingly had no sense of humor whatsoever... well, to me that's a really great basis for The Joker. The Joker - frankly, isn't funny. And if a joke is pulled on him, he never laughs - in fact, quite the opposite... he overreacts in a homicidal fashion. Joker was the sort of villain that'd pull a trigger on a gun at your waist, blowing your spine out your back... and then laughing maniacally as though it was the funniest thing ever. He's more Tommy Udo, the clown face... it isn't Emmett Kelly, it's John Wayne Gacy. NOW - this is just a rumor - and one that comes from a British rumor rag - but ya never know - it's a helluva choice - and not the typical random rumor... it feels smart.

Over here in Blighty's 'Now' magazine (celebrity tat), there's a potentially interesting story regarding a story that's crept out from the Batman Begins premiere party. According to the reporter, a drunken Christian Bale revealed that Chris Nolan is courting Sean Penn to play the Joker in the next Batman film. However there's still some finessing to do because Sean's apparently unsure about 'taking' his buddy, Jack Nicholson's, role. Could be guff but it's another potential to add to the list.

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