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Cameron Crowe has a special musical blissful treat exclusively for all you AICNers! ELIZABETHTOWN!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I really truly believe we're living in the midst of a magical blessed year of film. Sure the box office is down, but frankly that's got more to do with increased security and aggravation when going to see a movie, gas prices sky-rocketing and the country pulling its belt a little tighter. Oh, and some badly put together marketing on way too many films.

Last year at this time we didn't have much of anything other than THE PASSION to scream about. This year - with gas up nearly $.80 a gallon, well it cuts into the repeat views. Unnecessary driving is being cut to a minimum. Of course Hollywood will never look at it that way. They'll look at this crop of utterly amazing films and think they were all too serious, too smart for today's idiot audiences... and we'll roll back the space-time portals of quality and get simple straight forward cookie cutter entertainment.

But for me... I'm enjoying the living hell out of this year, and I know damn good and well they'll make record profits on all these titles on DVD. Luckily - this infection of money worshipping isn't your problem. You're an AICN reader - which hopefully means, you're drunk in love with a little 24 frames a second. You hug it, love it, live it and breathe it.

Cameron Crowe is one of those filmmakers that makes films that are drunk in love. Love of love, love with life, love of music, sights & sounds. Love of sensations and emotions. In love with the language of story-telling. He's known as one of the great writers of modern American film. And he loves the passion with which film is discussed on AICN, by you, me... just about everyone here except maybe Moriarty... (ok, I made that up) We haven't had a good proper look at ELIZABETHTOWN yet, right? You haven't seen a trailer or a clip from the film. The film has had it's share of problems... Casting issues... even studio issues... Through it all, Cameron is just trying to tell his story about a man falling back in love with living a love filled life. Essentially, that's what the film is. It deals with the death of fathers, the passion for life and the magic that is simply everywhere. In otherwords, it's a Cameron Crowe film.

The man himself put together this 7+ minute Rock Anthem to a song so utterly friggin perfect for this movie that I can no longer separate the film from it. This isn't just some randomly chosen song. The song has SO MUCH to do with the images you're seeing, the emotions the characters are feeling and frankly... the way you're supposed to feel watching it all. I hope you love this as much as I do, but if not... that's cool, find your own groove.

Click Here For The Specially Created for AICN Tease from Cameron Crowe about ELIZABETHTOWN!!!

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