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More STAR WARS TV show grumblings, this time from McCallum! Little Luke'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an interesting bit from Rick McCallum about the much talked about STAR WARS TV series... Now, I hate to jump onto an already moving bandwagon, but I personally agree with those that believe a STAR WARS TV series would work better if it focused on a time far removed from what we've seen, either much farther back in the past of the Republic (like the Jedi's first encounter with the Sith onwards, eh?) or far after the events of RETURN OF THE JEDI (a new Empire rises type thing). I think that would cut down on most of the bitching you'll hear about how crappy it is to see little Luke bumping into little Han Solo who is running around with little Lando and it'd also take away some of the cynicism from the fans of the OT that are worried about a shoddily done TV series negatively impacting on the originals.

Of course if this series is brilliant and well made, then that would significantly cut down on the bitching, too. I am intrigued by how long the series is planned to be. God, I hope this is as cool as it should be... Little Luke growing up sounds boring to me, though. I'd bet it's just an aside if that at all, but if they give him too much adventure and excitement it'll take away from his innocent introduction in the original STAR WARS... What do you folks think?

Hi, Harry:

I will make it short. Rick McCallum, the co-producer of Star Wars the Revenge of the Sith, revealed the details of Star Wars TV series when he was at the press conference in Japan today. The article I read was from the Mainichi Shimbun (Mainichi Paper) web site, a reputable newspaper in Japan.

He said,

The story will take place in about 20 year span between Episode 3 and Episode 4.
It will depict how characters end up being together (didn’t mention who).
It will depict how Luke grows up.

George Lucas will start working on it as soon as he finishes Indy Jones, he said. The production will start next year, and the whole series will be about 100 hours long.

He also mentioned 3-D version of all six movies “within two to three” years.


FYI, the link for the original article is below. It is in Japanese:



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