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Master Chief reports for duty at both Fox and Universal!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some (potentially) great news. We know that last week Microsoft took Alex (28 DAY LATER) Garland's newly finished adaptation of their X-BOX big breadwinner game, sending out fully costumed Master Chiefs to hand deliver the scripts to various studios. We also know they wanted $10 Million for the script.

Now we've gotten word that the trades will be breaking that HALO has been picked up in partnership by Fox and Universal.

Here's the heads up I got from the good people at who have been following this really closely.

After being the ass end of the joke when they sent out the script with high demands on Monday, it looks like those nihilists at CAA and Microsoft will have the last laugh. Lazlo's spies tell me that Fox and Universal are working out deal to buy Halo for $5 million; split costs. It is about half of what they were asking for on Monday, but it is more coin then our drunks asses will ever see. The movie should be in theaters by 2007

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This has been backed up by at least one other source of mine and has just been confirmed by Variety. Funny that it's at Fox considering HALO itself owes a huge debt to Cameron's ALIENS. I'm dying to read the script to this, as one who has lost many, many hours to Halo gunning down those Covenant bastards! So, if anybody out there has Garland's draft, I wouldn't be angry if you dropped me a line at Hehe...

I think a damn cool movie can be made out of the game... Could HALO be the first great video game movie? What do you folks think?

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