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Is it gonna be... THE HAN & CHEWIE SHOW'

Hey Folks, Harry here... Um - god I hope not...


This isn't a scoop by any means, but it turned my mind to gravy. I had to share it with someone who'd love it just as much.

I was scoping The Art of Star Wars, Episode Three this evening at the bookstore - gorgeous book, by the by - and stumbled on a snippet from one of the Sith concept artists, where he states that Lucas mentioned to them during the design phase that - though this will not be referenced in Ep. III - during the period of the Separatist invasion, Han Solo was living on Kashyyk, being raised by Wookies!

A buddy of mine who works at Fox mentioned a few weeks ago that he heard Peter Mayhew signed a multi-year contract with Lucasfilm before Sith. Could Chewie and young Han be featured on the T.V. show?

This shit fired my imagination. I had to pass it on.

-Baron Zemo

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