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Much Nicer V FOR VENDETTA Pictures From London Shoot!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with some pretty damn cool shots of the V masks, and damn I want one. Of anything from any of Alan Moore's stories... that's the best translated look from a book of his. Makes me really want to see it now! We've also got some Cel Phone video that fxhomer sent in linked below. Here ya go...

Lo Harry,

Following on from the V FOR VENDETTA story earlier. I've just got back from working as an SA on the location in London. Thought I'd send you some interesting photographs/video clips taken by myself during some takes as well as the whole night - gotta love the photographic phones.

Just to confirm, the masks are duplications of the V mask and this is one of the final scenes in the film. Where the uprising cilivians, dressed like V, watch the parliament buildings burn down, or march through the soldiers barricades.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the photos. I've even made one up quickly into a poster as I thought the photograph taken by myself would make a superb teaster poster.

Check out the files attached!

Included are a couple of movies I recorded with my phone. One reveals the V's as they take off their masks and hats to the camera (probably one of the final shots in the film). Another shows the mass amount of extras dressed as V's last night - well over 600.

If you use this - I'll go by the name of fxhomer.

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