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AICN'S Believe It Or Not: Harrison Ford Spills Alleged Title To INDY IV'

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm not gonna claim this is the title of the next Indiana Jones adventure... but do consider this. There was a fundraiser for the DNC last night with Hillary Clinton speaking and Harrison Ford was there last night. That's all a matter of record. Now the questions are: Did Harrison drink enough to let the title slip? And is Steven and Lucas crazy enough for a title this cumbersome? Believe it... or not...

I went to a big hollywood fundraiser last night that helped to raise money for the DNC. I am a member of the young democrats at my university and was lucky enough to be selected to attend. There were tons of celebs there one of which was the great Harrison Ford. Being a HUGE Indiana Jones fan I could not pass up the chance to talk to Mr. Ford. He is a great guy and took the time to talk to a loT of the students that attended.

Now for the big news. I asked him about the new Indiana Jones 4 script and he said that he was in the process of reading it. Then out of no where he dropped the biggest bombshell I could possibly imagine.

The working title of Indiana Jones 4 is.........


If you use this call me Xorn

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