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LAND OF THE DEAD has been seen and is said to be so good as to fall between NIGHT & DAWN!!!

Hey gorehounds and zombielovers, Harry here. Well from Norman's review I take it that Dennis Hopper is the one that turns in the dodgy performance, which can't be worse than the turn he takes in the new CROW film. But fantastic acting has never been the particular strength of Romero's series... though personally I dearly love those performances. I hope to find it similar this time out. Well check it out! Good stuff and definite good news!

Heya folks,

The Arse-Lovin' Midget Who Loves To Love Ase here. I do believe I've found the first (non-spoiler) review of George A. Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD.

Its penned by Norman England, Japan's Fango correspondant and long time Romero freak.

Here's your Zombie Loving Heart's Desire!

Check it out!

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