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GALACTICA!! DEAD ZONE!! 4400!! REAL WORLD!! AL FRANKEN!! BIG BROTHER!! POKER!! Much More!!Summer Premiere Dates!!

I am – Hercules!!

Fire up that TiVo!! You have much to watch in the meantime, o my brothers!!

Returning Shows:
Al Franken Show (Sundance) June 6
Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back (NBC) June 21
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) July 15
Big Brother 6 (CBS) July 7
Blow Out 2 (Bravo) June 7
Celebrity Fit Club (VH1) July 10
Celebrity Poker Showdown (Bravo) Aug. 18
Dead Zone, The (USA) June 12
Entourage (HBO) June 5
The 4400 (USA) June 5
Ghost Hunters (SciFi) July 27
Kenny Vs. Spenny (GSN) July 11
Laguna Beach (MTV) July 25
Lingo (GSN) Aug. 1
Missing (Lifetime) June 12
Monk (USA) July 8
Pimp My Ride (MTV) June 26
Punk’d (MTV) June 26
Real Gilligan’s Island 2 (TBS) June 8
Real World 16: Austin (MTV) June 21
Reno 911! (CC) June 14
Rescue Me (FX) June 21
Six Feet Under (HBO) June 6
Stargate SG1 (SciFi) July 15
Stargate: Atlantis (SciFi) July 15
Strong Medicine (Lifetime) June 12
Summerland (WB) June 13
Tripping the Rift (SciFi) July 27
Ultimate Fighter 2 (Spike) Aug. 22
Viva La Bam (MTV) June 26

New Shows:
Andy Milonakis Show (MTV) June 26
Anything to Win (GSN) Aug. 14
Ballbreakers (GSN) July 18
Barbershop (Showtime) Aug. 10
Battle of the Network Reality Stars (Bravo) Aug. 10
Beach Girls (Lifetime) July 31
Beauty and the Geek (WB) June 1
Being Bobby Brown (Bravo) June 30
Brat Camp (ABC) July 13
Cattle Drive (E!) Aug. 7
Closer, The (TNT) June 13
Comeback, The (HBO) June 5
Criss Angel: Mindfreak (A&E) July 20
Cut, The (CBS) June 9
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) June 1
Empire (ABC) June 28
Extreme Dodgeball (GSN) July 19
Fight For Fame (E!) June 5
Fire Me Please (CBS) June 7
Girls Next Door (E!) Aug. 7
Hidden Howie (Bravo) Aug. 18
Hit Me Baby One More Time (NBC)
Hogan Knows Best (VH1) July 10
I Want To Be A Hilton (NBC) June 21
Inked (A&E) July 20
Inside, The (Fox) June 8
Into The West (TNT) June 10
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo) Aug. 3
Law Firm (NBC) July 28
Master Blasters (SciFi)
Meet Mr. Mom (NBC) Aug. 2
Mind of Mencia (CC) July 7
Minding the Store (TBS) July 17
Over There (FX) July 27
Party at the Palms (E!) June 15
Poker Royale: Comedians Vs. Pros (GSN) July 8
Princes of Malibu (Fox) July 10
Rock Star: INXS (CBS) July 11
Scholar, The (ABC) June 6
Situation: Comedy (Bravo) Aug. 2
So You Think You Can Dance (Fox) July 20
Sports Kids Moms & Dads (Bravo) June 1
Stella (CC) June 28
Super Agent (Spike) July 22
30 Days (FX) June 15
Tommy Lee Goes To College (NBC) Aug. 16
Venus & Serena (ABC Family) July 21
Wanted (TNT) July 31
Weeds (Showtime) Aug. 10
Weekends at the DL (CC) July 29
Welcome to the Neighborhood (ABC) July 10
Wild’n’Out (MTV) July 13
Wildfire (ABC Family) June 20

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