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The Weinstein Company announces their initial slate... Plus Tarantino & Rodriguez to team up on GRIND HOUSE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with killer cool news. By Spring of next year - we'll have a Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez team up picture called GRIND HOUSE. No, no... it isn't the cut throat story of Starbuck's rise of Coffee Shop corporate supremacy. Instead - it will be two separate 60 minute Horror films directed by each of them... with a bizarre assembly of oddities sandwiched between from other unnamed filmmakers. Trailer, Clips... hell could be a cartoon. For those of you that know Quentin's unquenchable thirst for those old sleazy Grind Houses in the major metropolitan cities of the 70's that played every sort of 'sploitation known to man.

So it seems this will be the next Tarantino film - whether he does his Cantonese Kung Fu film or INGLORIOUS BASTARDS after that is anyone's guess... or something altogether unknown. However, Rodriguez will be filming the next SIN CITY chapters assembled into SIN CITY 2 due in Summer 2006 which will feature A DAME TO KILL FOR.

Hollywood Reporter also released the following slate of films being released by 'The Weinstein Co in 2006.

The Weinstein Co.'s release schedule to date includes:

-- "Derailed," thriller by Mikael Hafstrom starring Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston on October 21st

-- "Wolf Creek," the Australian horror film directed by Greg McLean, which the Weinsteins acquired at the Sundance Film Festival, will open Nov. 18 under the Dimension label.

-- "Matador," a black comedy about a hitman, co-financed by Disney, starring Pierce Brosnan and directed by Richard Shepard, will open as an exclusive release Nov. 18.

-- "Transamerica," a film by Duncan Tucker for which Felicity Huffman won the best actress award at the Tribeca Film Festival for playing a transsexual, will open an exclusive release Dec. 2.

-- Chen Kaige's epic "The Promise," a partnership between IDG New Media Fund and the Weinstein Co., will open exclusively Dec. 16.

-- "Mrs. Henderson Presents," another Disney co-financed project, directed by Stephen Fears and starring Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins, will open exclusively Dec. 25.

-- "The Gathering," a thriller from Brian Gilbert starring Christina Ricci, is set for release Jan. 6.

-- "Feast," director John Gulager's horror film, which was the subject of Bravo's "Project Greenlight 3," will open Jan. 20.

-- "Breaking & Entering," the new Anthony Minghella project starring Jude Law, a co-production with Disney, which has just begun filming, is scheduled for a February release.

-- "Pulse," a remake of the Japanese horror film "Kairo," will be released by Dimension on March 3.

-- "Killshot," directed by John Madden, adapted from the Elmore Leonard novel by Hossein Amini and executive produced by Tarantino, will open March 17.

-- "Scary Movie 4," a Disney co-production reuniting director David Zucker and his creative team from "Scary Movie 3," will open wide from Dimension on April 14 for Easter weekend.

-- "Sin City 2," a sequel to the Rodriguez/Frank Miller film, another Disney co-production, will be released by Dimension in summer 2006.

Looks nice, looks very nice. I'm personally dying to see WOLF CREEK, MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS, THE PROMISE, GRIND HOUSE, KILLSHOT and SIN CITY 2. As for the others... we'll see. Looks like the Brothers W been very very busy!

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