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Stallone knocks the hell out the Gloved One's Hopes of playing Edgar Allan Poe!

Hey folks, Harry here... seems Stallone wants to be more and more like Ali... first it was boxing, now it is POEtry. That's right, the Italian Stallion has been banging away at his BioPic script about the life of Edgar Allan Poe, a famous violator of Voting Regulations & Cousin Kisser... As well as being my favorite all time author. It also seems that Sly is set on casting Robert Downey Jr. in the part... meaning that Downey will have the honor of bringing both Chaplin and Poe to the screen... pretty cool. I also feel the casting is genius. This isn't the typical subject matter for Stallone, and I hope to hell he's up for it, because he's probably ruining Michael Jackson's chances of making his long dreamt of Edgar Allan Poe film - which was my favorite future trainwreck that was somewhere out there in the future.

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