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Cover Those Peepers! Eli Roth has blood & TaTa's & Miike & Vomit in HOSTEL! Adults Only!

Hey folks, Harry here... Seems Eli Roth has finished shooting his second cinematic crime and I've got the photographic proof by set photographer Rico Torres - that it exists. He went off to Prague to shoot what I can say, having read the script, is the vilest and foulest gore flick made for U.S. release in quite some time. It's called HOSTEL and was written by Eli - and word has it that there was a royale polish. Now - this first shot... this comes at the tail-end of an opening credits sequence that involves the cleaning of various surgical instruments - in a room that surgery isn't meant to take place in. There is a mysterious presence with rubber gloves scrubbing all the blood off of them... spraying the blood, bile and puke off the floor. And the last shot is of this chair.

This next picture is the most telling about this film. You see... It's a behind the scenes photo of Takashi Miike and Eli Roth. When Eli made CABIN FEVER, he'd never seen a Miike film... afterwards - he devoured them. HOSTEL is nothing if not Eli's attempt to do the American horror reaction to Miike's AUDITION. It isn't a remake, and frankly is a completely different story. The film starts carefree and fun... and then goes to a dark spot that goes down a dark pathway past the darkest alley that Paul Schraeder ever took. If Eli shot the script that he wrote - I can't imagine it getting an R-rating. And frankly - I don't want it to. This legitimately has the chance to be something that most Americans just don't have the stomach for. If Eli didn't flinch, this will be one of those horror films that you pull out to fuck with every so-called horror junkie fan friend you have. OH -- AFTER THIS NEXT PICTURE IS AN IMAGE THAT IS NOT WORK SAFE. SO BEWARE!

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