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Madsen spills more on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS! It's gonna get RAW!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm busy packing up for a sojourn up to the Great White North (Vancouver to be specific), but I got this bit of news today from Joe Utichi over at FilmFocus who got some more info out of Michael Madsen about the Tarantino war flick INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. He's read the finished script and describes it in the vein of THE DIRTY DOZEN and confirms Adam Sandler's involvement. I really liked Sandler's dramatic turn in Paul Thomas Anderson's PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, so I'm open to the idea. Madsen says not only is Sandler gonna be in it, but so are Tim Roth (yay!) and Eddie Murphy (...).

I love classic Eddie Murphy from his BEVERLY HILLS COP/48 HOURS/RAW/DELIRIOUS days and would love to see him regain some of his lost cool (DADDY DAY CARE, anyone?). Tarantino has a way with actors... look at Travolta in PULP against Travolta in BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Look at Sam Jackson in PULP and JACKIE BROWN against Sam Jackson in the prequels. I personally love the idea of Tarantino giving Murphy his cool back and I can't wait to see what a Tarantino World War II flick looks like! How about you folks?


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