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Tom & Dakota seem to be a pair of Cry-Babies in WAR OF THE WORLDS! What they crying 'bout' Warning - You'll see here!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ya know... this just doesn't look like the average Steven Spielberg film. On top of that - it doesn't look like the average Tom Cruise macho-mutha-movie. Tonight, I got an email from a super secret source (or so he claimed)... and it got me a bit excited - yeah yeah, I know, I've been a blathering idiot about this film... but the size perspective comparison between humans and the aliens and humans and the tripods... well it sent me a clicking over to WarOfTheWorlds.Com and I tried playing that damn Survival game, but I died like 10 times and quit out of frustration... Checked out the various desktops and photos... and in the photos - I found 3 images that I had missed and damn if I didn't find them evocative of the feeling in this film that I feel the sketch below gives the characters in the movie. Here, check em out...

See what I mean? I think this is going to be the film that those that were disappointed by SIGNS and INDEPENDENCE DAY wanted to get. And it's going to be a film that combines that intimacy, with that scale of what should be horror, not fun. Right?

The above WOTW sketches are not "production sketches" - but rather were done by Kermici Farid - a professional production designer and storyboard artist from France - (worked on CRIMSON RIVERS among others) and he did these after he saw the latest trailer to satiate and make more clear sense regarding what he saw in the trailer. He is not associated with Spielberg's film, but very talented regardless.

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