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Vendetta (HBO movie)

thePACEman (typing error deliberate - this is how he / she typed his / her "spy name") wrote in with this bit about HBO’s forthcoming project VENDETTA.

The movie stars Spooky Walken…..errr…Christopher Walken, and…well…I’ll let thePACEman tell you a little more about it.

Here’s what thePACEman had to say:

I don't know if this interests anyone but I'll tell you anyways. I was ((*occupation on production deleted by Glen*)) on the HBO film "Vendetta" starring Christopher Walken, so I know for a fact that this info is in fact, true.

It takes place in New Orleans, in the past, and is based on a true story. It tells the story of when many Italians were arrested and jailed by the Irish, why this happened I couldn't tell you, my memory fails me.

Anyway, in court the Italians are found innocent, but must remain in jail over night to be released the next morning. But a meeting is held where an Irishman who's high up in power gathers the Irish men of the town for a meeting. He tells them that the legal system has failed them and that he now leaves it up to them to do what they feel is necessary to have justice served. Sort of a hint, hint, wink, wink , nudge, nudge type thing. The angry men head to the jail with intentions of doing the "right" thing.

It has a romantic subplot which I'm pretty sure is just added for the drama, you know the whole thing about the Italian boy falling in love with the Irish girl. But all in all it appears to be a powerful movie.

One scene I saw was shot late at night as the police broke into the Italian houses and literally dragged them into the streets to be arrested.

"Vendetta" has a ten million dollar budget which I was told is high for an HBO movie. It was filmed in Toronto and Kingston Ontario and also I'm sure I heard that some shots were done in New Orleans.

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