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Raimi discusses FX tests (vaguely) on SPIDER-MAN 3, and we have a little bit more!

Hey folks, Harry here... Scott over at Now Playing Magazine managed to corner Sam Raimi during a "BOGEYMAN DVD" interview and got him to discuss where things are on SPIDER-MAN 3. It's a nice little guarded interview, where Raimi avoids specifics, but reenforces his committment to effects excellence and how one can never rest on one's past laurels. He does state that he is currently shooting visual effects tests on the Sony lot. Says that like SPIDER-MAN 2 it is a combination of practical and cg. Again though he doesn't say what. See - to get those sorts of details - you can't interview Sam Raimi, you have to talk to someone... a bit less responsible. Someone like Griddlecake Troutwater, whom's eyes are all over Stage 20 on the Sony lot. According to him that Stage is finishing up construction on the areas to house Costume & Wardrobe Department... but not just for SPIDER-MAN 3... the current rumor on the lot is Raimi is going to be shooting 3 & 4 together. Now, amongst the tests Spidey crew have been shooting during the last few weeks, well they've used alot of SAND I hear. Sand being blown around. Hmmm, sounds like Venom, eh? LoL. Well here ya go...

While Sam Raimi remains mostly mum on the plot points of "Spidey 3," he did fill in "Now Playing" this morning on what’s going on with the visual effects for the wallcrawler’s next adventure:

NowPlayingMag's interview with Raimi - Here!


Scott Collura

Now Playing Magazine

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