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Lynch's got a new flick called INLAND EMPIRE! Sweet!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... It's Cannes time at the moment, so that means lots of film announcements, but this one is far out of left field. I'm so happy that Lynch has got a new film ready to show. He's most definitely bat-fuck insane, but damned if he doesn't always make something unique and compelling. And could this film be the one talked about below, the film that reteams Lynch with BLUE VELVET and WILD AT HEART's Laura Dern? Or do we have two potential new Lynch flicks? What little info on INLAND EMPIRE that's below sounds surreal, of course. I can't wait!


I am a hardcore Lynch Fan, and I Subscribe to his website, which has a lot of interesting things on it, including a daily report he gives every morning from LA. Today on his daily report he announced he has a new film coming out called INLAND EMPIRE, and that is has been being worked on for two years. It is shot on DV, and that he is finished with shooting films on celluloid.

On May 12th he is suppose to announce this to everyone officially.

Here's more detail from Hollywood Reporter and

Taken from various sources

"Lynch's 'Empire' building backed by StudioCanal

By Charles Masters

CANNES -- French sales and distribution company StudioCanal is backing the upcoming project from David Lynch titled "Inland Empire," sources in Cannes confirmed Wednesday. StudioCanal, a division of Vivendi Universal's French pay TV company Canal Plus, declined to talk about the project, which it has been trying to keep top secret. Even posters for the film on the Croisette and around the Cannes market have been covered until a grand unveiling scheduled for Thursday. StudioCanal is expected to handle world sales on the title, with its French distribution company Mars Films handling theatrical in France. It is unclear whether any cast is attached to "Inland Empire." Buyers already looking at the project say details remain hazy, in typical Lynch fashion. "It's about a film within a film. There's nothing to see, there's no script," one top international buyer said.

"But when have you ever seen a David Lynch script in advance?" said another, implying that this did not affect the project's attractiveness.

StudioCanal financed Lynch's movies "The Straight Story" and "Mulholland Drive," both of which unspooled In Competition at Cannes, with Lynch picking up the best director prize for the latter." (Hollywood Reporter)

Another piece of the puzzle?:


“There have been several Polish media articles about a new film Lynch is working on entitled "The Green Room in Lodz" ("Zielony pokój w Lodzi"). It was originally a short film for staring Polish actors Karolina Gruszka and Krzysztof Majchrzak. Apparently Lynch liked the way it turned out so much that he is now filming more scenes here in America staring Laura Dern. So far Lynch is being tight-lipped about any details.”

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