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Dio will reign & rock supreme in TENACIOUS D IN: THE PICK OF DESTINY!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I will not say how it is I know this thing I know. But as I sit here typing, I am also divining the ultimate truth that can be gleaned from the works of TENACIOUS D, the band forged by the gods to deliver the soul of rock n roll to we mere miserable souls! Ok, maybe I like TENACIOUS D and Jack Black a little too much. But whilst worshipping, I began to see the visage of a horned demon clutching a glowing palantir - and in that orb I saw the DIO signed to be in the greatest film ever annointed the greatest film ever to be constructed. Ronnie James Dio will be one of those on the way to Tenacious D's epic climb to the top of Olympus to rule Rock-N-Roll from up on high! And they will rock the balls of mankind numb!

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