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Wolverine was Clark Kent's Pa!!! Van Helsing raised Superman!!! Plus Set Video!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... does this mean Clark will smoke stoagies and Kal-El will sport chest hair tufts out the top of muscle shirts while guzzling brewskis? Probably not. Now - this actually really works - if you remember Hugh was up to play George Reeves for a while, till Ben Affleck took over the part when Hugh went bald in THE FOUNTAIN of Aronofsky's. Casting on this sucker has been plenty odd... have to say, I'm curious as hell!

The rumours are true! Today's Herald-Sun Newspaper here in Australia (Hit, Page 24, second paragraph from the bottom - headline : Russ Hymnself's comic alter-ego) confirmed that HUGH JACKMAN is playing Clark Kent's Dad in SUPERMAN.

"Hugh Jackman has signed on to the Superman Lives cast as Kent's adoptive father, who appears in flashback sequences. He'll join Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth on the production".

This paper's usually pretty spot-on (not like the British tabloids) so I'd believe it.


Then I got this really neat Video from Rastar!

Hey there Harry,

Rastar here from Sydney Australia. I wanted to send you the link to my website which features a video I made while the Superman Returns crew were shooting in Sydney on April 16, 2005.

Please let your readers know it's up and to go and take a look!

Keep up the awesome work!


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