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Info on UPN's new series "7 Days"

Glen here…


The Pitbull wrote in again, as promised, with a review of UPN’s forthcoming series 7 DAYS. His review is rather favorable, which pisses me off to no end because here in Austin our UPN station is carried on extremely low-powered frequencies, and can be seen by 11 people. As such, I can’t see UPN shows at all (with the exception of VOYAGER, which is the only show in the UPN line-up deemed worthy of re-broadcast by an NBC affiliated TV station which actually owns the UPN station here). And even then, the re-broadcast is delayed by several days.

Anyway, sounds like 7 DAYS may have actually nailed a formula that television Powers That Be have been messing with for a while now, but (for the most part) have never quite gotten right. Won’t matter to poor old me, or the looser-vision UPN "broadcast" (I use the term loosely) here in Austin. But for the rest of you? Have fun (says Glen…sniffling….shaking his head… maybe he means it, maybe he doesn’t).

Here’s what The Pitbull had to say about 7 DAYS:

Woof! It's The Pitbull, with a look at another new fall TV show, 7 DAYS.

This one looks like a winner. 7 DAYS is a new sci-fi show for UPN from Paramount Television. It stars Jonathan Lapaglia (Anthony's brother), as Parker, who, from what I could gather is some sort of a burned out government operative who went over the edge, and is being given another chance as the guinea pig for Project Backstep, an inter dimensional time travel project based on technology from the Roswell crash.

The catch here is that using the device, called The Sphere, he can only be sent back in time 7 days.

Once back in time, he contacts the research team he works with, tells them what he's here to prevent and then has a week to find a way to change history and keep bad things from happening.

The writing is intelligent and often has a sense of irony and humor. In the episode I’m familiar with, Parker is sent back to save the world from being decimated by a deadly virus released by a religious fanatic who works at an Army biological warfare research center.

The script makes reference to theories in quantum physics about alternate timelines and the interconnectedness of every event in the universe, and how, since everything can be changed there is no ultimate order, maybe there is nobody in charge. Pretty heady stuff for TV.

Just so you don't think this is a totally cerebral show, there is plenty of action, stunts and effects. I understand that the pilot, which I have not seen, was one of the most expensive ever shot for TV. Rumor has it that it cost $14,000,000.

I'll give this one a try. It certainly looks like an improvement on TIME TRAXX and TIME COP. Jonathan Lapaglia is cool and has an edgy charisma. This one might make it.

The Pitbull

Glen here again. If anyone out there has seen the pilot for this show, your reviews are welcomed. Or, if someone has a *copy* of the pilot - one which I could take a look at - please let me know… (please?)

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