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SERENITY NOW!! Universal's Trailer Is Live!!

I am – Hercules!!

"Serenity" isn’t due till Sept. 30, but it’s already got itself a dang trailer! It appears Tuesday on the Apple Movie Trailers site. I was a little hazy on exactly when, so I was going to suggest everyone just keep checking that Apple Movie Trailers site for the next 30 hours or so.

Then the film's writer-director - who doesn’t blame me even a little for ruining his many excellent TV shows with incessant and unnecessary spoilers – wrote in with this:

Herc -- yes it's me […] again. Here's th' vital info: The trailer goes up at 1:00 pm PST tomorrow [Tuesday]. Sing it to the world.

That piece about the trailer in AICN was awfully disrespectful of you, I thought. It made us out to be butt-buddies, which apart from that one magical night under the stars is TOTALLY untrue.

Later on, -j.

Joss is, of course, kidding. We are still the biggest butt-buddies. Ever. Despite the increasingly cold and lawyerly tone of his representatives’ cease-and-desist letters.

I digress.

Beginning 4 p.m. New York Time, bask in every ounce of “Serenity’s” Zoic-y greatness!!

Then we all get to go to the movies on Friday and see that same trailer on the big screen. Probably before “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Maybe before that movie about the chubby, middle-aged guy who replaces Vin Diesel as “XXX.” Hopefully not before “House of D.” But no promises are made!!

Well, time to light the candles around my secret Joss shrine. While I'm doing that, have a gander the TV show on which “Serenity” is based: Firefly.

Have a gander also at the fabulous new “Serenity” book co-edited by big-deal "Buffy"-"Firefly"-"Gilmore Girls" TV writer Jane Espenson. She introduces each of the essays, and the whole book besides: Finding Serenity

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