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CELEBRATION is had by many a STAR WARS geek! Lucas talks! Footage shown! Details here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with more from CELEBRATION. Lots and lots of good stuff here, including talk of continuing the CLONE WARS cartoons (YAY!), a Willow TV series (whaaa?), the Star Wars TV series, INDIANA JONES 4, 3-D STAR WARS and a description of the 6 minutes from ROTS that screened (that's the very last one since it's full of spoilery detail). Read below to hear from the fans!


This news may have found its way to you already.

I have spent the last three days at Star Wars Celebration III and this morning I was lucky enough to find my way into the ballroom where George Lucas was speaking. For the most part it was a question and answer session with the man himself, but there were some good questions asked and answered.  The one I felt was most important dealt with the future of Star Wars on television.  Lucas said that there were plans in the works to continue with the Clone Wars as half hour episodes on the Cartoon Network (applause erupted at this point, but I think underneath all of the clapping I heard Lucas say it was going to be 3-D animated, but there was a lot of applause so I could have been hearing things).  He also commented on the live action future as well.  He said that the whole project was probably about 2 years out, but that they wanted to get a full season of scripts written before production would start (like they did on Young Indiana Jones).  He also said that the series would take place between Episodes 3 and 4.  At a later edition of the 6 minute Sith montage (awesome by the way) Rick commented on the TV show as well, saying that there was a plan for 100 episodes (queue applause).

Finally, someone asked about the chances of films dealing with the Knights of the Old Republic to which Lucas stated that if the first planned TV series was a success there were opportunities to do series set at all different times out side of the saga...

That is all I have, hope it is useful.  If you use this call me Pickle Loa

One hundred episodes? Characters from the Original Trilogy? Damn, that's ambitious! And more CLONE WARS!!! Tartakovsky's work on the CLONE WARS has been phenomenal. Matter of fact, it's set a high bar for Lucas with EPISODE 3. Tartakovsky made the Jedi like we all thought they would be. The best at the top of their game... And he even made the Clone Troopers badass! Anyway, here is another report that has more info on the TV series, including something about WILLOW.

Hey Harry,

Long time lurker, first time emailer... Incredible site BTW, keep up the excellent work!

We saw Georgie at Celebration 3 today. Not too much info but he did say a few things.

a. They are wanting to do a Willow TV series...

b. They are looking into the Star Wars TV series as you know.. he said it will be based between episodes 3 & 4 and that there will be character(s) from the OT in it.. (in a kind of well theres not going to be.... well ..wait...pauses.. thinks....yeah there is going to be way). They will need to have the first years scripts written out like the young indiana jones scripts were.

c. He just got the new script for Indiana Jones and he has yet to read it.

and thats about it... nothing else except it was absolutely insane today at the convention.....

if you use this call me Z

Here's another look at everything, including a confirmation of the arrival of the YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES on DVD at some point and more details on the rest of the celebration!


Long time fan, first time writer. I have spent the weekend at the MADHOUSE called Star Wars Celebration III held at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. It was the funnest convention I have ever attended. There were hundreds of volunteer workers dressed in full Storm Trooper and Clone Trooper armor, full bounty hunter armor, and the various uniforms (Tie Fighter, Rebel Pilot, Imperial Officers, etc.) There were gorgeous women dressed in the Princess Leia Metal Bikinis from Episode VI, and there was even a sort of pageant for those gorgeous women in those bikinis. I've never seen 30 beautiful women all dressed in that outfit in the same room, but I digress.

But to the good stuff. I waited in line from midnight until 10am Saturday morning to get into the 30 minute Q&A with the Jedi master himself, George Lucas. Two teenagers came out to introduce the man, after he was already introduced by Jay Laga'aia. But it turned out that the two teenagers were actually George's children, so that was touching. So, here was Georges answers to various questions:

* The Young Indiana Jones chronicles will come out on DVD.

* All Six Star Wars movies will hopefully be released in digital 3D in digital theaters, based on the ten minutes of A New Hope a 3D company did for them.

* There will be new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated shows dealing with spin-offs of characters from Vol. 1.

* There will be a Star Wars live-action TV series coming out sometime in the future, the subject of which he did not discuss.

I also got into the "Rick McCallum Spectacular," which I knew I wanted to see because I saw it at Celebration II, where he showed part of the seen where Yoda and Count Dooku duel from Episode II, which was before it was released in theaters.  This time he showed the 6 minute montage that Mr. Bootles mentioned in his earlier article. It had an excellent sound track that Rick said they just "threw it together from sound effects" solely for this montage. The montage and soundtrack is purely inexplainable. You just have to see this film to get it. Rick also had a Q&A, and here is what I gleamed from that:

* A script has been accepted for Indiana Jones 4, but Steven Spielberg's schedule is pretty tight.

* Someone asked if the montage was going to be included in the Episode III DVD, and Rick was like, "Uh, I don't... Uh..." which was met with every mouth in the room erupting with various deafening, but positive, noises. After which, Rick merely said, "Uh, sure. Ok. Since you feel that way, it'll be on the DVD," or something to that effect.

* Someone asked what it was like working with George Lucas, and Rick's answer was good, just that the most horrifying things he's lived through are when George shows up for work and says, "What if we did this..."

I hope I was at least a little informative.


Now here we have the detail from the presentation reel for REVENGE OF THE SITH. I've only read a couple of the points as I'm trying to know as little detail about the film as possible... but the description of Yoda and the Clone Troopers... Sounds so great... My mantra keeps going strong... "Don't fuck this up... Please don't fuck this up..."

Hey guys, just back from a couple days at CIII. Hadn't been to the last two so I can't compare but will let you in on a few things I noticed. First of all, Started to wait in line at 5:45 in the morning on Friday. There were already about 1,500-2,000 other freaks in front of me. Just fuckin' crazy I tell you, crazy. Anyway we made our way in...blah, blah, blah. A couple things that were VERY cool. (1) Star Wars in 30 minutes. If anyone has a chance to see this performance, do so. Very funny and well worth the 40 minutes we waited in line for it. (2) the 6-7 minutes of all new footage that was shown just blew people away. We are talking some of the best action sequences in any SW movie. Just a few high points:

- You get a really good look at Grevious several times but the one that stood out was when he is chasing Obi-Wan and Grevious is in his Wheel. This chase sequence is fast and very intense.

- The space battle is on a scale we have never seen before. Much more color and detail. When the ship explode, you actually see the droids or troopers fly out into space. Sometimes in pieces. Very cool effects.

- They showed several scenes of the clones turing against the Jedi. There is a close-up of Yoda in one of trailers where all you see is his face then you see pupils dialate. They show the rest of this scene and There are Clonetroopers behind him that are raising the guns in preparation for gunning him down. He senses this (close-up of his face), then spins around with his lightsaber and takes like three of them down with one swoop. Awesome scene.

- Another eerie scene has Anakin in a room, eyes red, and you see him using the force to shut all the doors in the room. They don't show who else is in the room but you can tell he's about to kick some ass.

- Another expander scene is the fight beteen Yoda and Palpatine in the Senate chamber. In the trailer you see palpatine use the force to throw one of the hover seats at Yoda like a frisbee. What you don't see is that Yoda uses the force to stop it within inches of his head, he then uses his own power to start spinning the thing and shoves is back at Palpatine. Looks much cooler than I can ever describe it.

- They also showed a scene of Yoda just getting his ass kicked by Palpatine. Thought it was odd that the crowd actually cheered when they saw this. I is an intense scene but Yoda really take it hard.

- Fanboys who are obsessed with clonetroopers are going to love this film. I couldn't even keep track of the different trypes of troopers there seem to be in the movie.

- There are five different lightsaber battle in this film and the footage we saw showed a bit of all of them. Seemed to show the most of the Anakin/Obi Wan lava battle. Looks awesome. I read in the latest Entertainment Weekly that Spielberg had some input on this sequence. Like I said, what I saw looks great.

Like other posters have already mentioend, there was no dialogue or regular SW music played during the footage. Someone said that the music playing was from Van Helsig. I couldn't tell you if it was or not though. They movie LOOKS great and has me pretty psyched up for the release but I have to keep in mind once you add the story and dialogue, all bets are off the table.

A couple more things about CIII that are either very sad, or very funny. Depends on who you are. The CIII store closed at Approx. 10:00 Fri. morning. That means that if you were not a fan club member, you couldn't buy anything from the store becasue you couldn't get in until 10 in you weren't a member. At that point the line was marked at six hours. SIX FREAKIN' HOURS!!!!! C'mon people do you really need a Vader figure THAT bad? We were one of the first few thousand in line so we waited about one hour and fifteen minutes to get our figures. That was too long for me. We were talking to a couple in front of us in line for the figure. They told us that they just walked up to the will call office, picked up their badge at 9:00 and walked right in. Basically people who had their badges sent to them got screwed and had to wait in line while the will call people got to sleep in and and have no line. Pissed some people off but you know what? It was our choice to wait in line, nobody made us.

The last part I wanted to tell you about is actually very funny. Or at least I think it is. As you know Lucas was going to have 3 half hour Q&A sessions Sat. morning. People starting linging up for these Sat. evening. They had to wait outside. It was cold, and it rained ALL night. When we were waling back from Hotters at 1:00 A.M., there had to be at least 1,000 people standing in the rain to see the maker. Everyone thought that this is what it was going take in order to be able to see him. I call them insane. Anyway, driving home to Columbus today I get a call from two people saying that they walked right into the second session. No waiting. No getting up early. Easy as that. Stupid bastards sat out all night in the rain for something they could have walked into.

Now thats funny.

Stu Pedaso

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