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Mr Bootles is agogging about STAR WARS: CELEBRATION!

Hey folks, Harry here - it's almost all over... Soon it'll be time for me to shave and sing. Wow. Here's a report from yesterday's STAR WARS: CELEBRATION! Enjoy...


Wow... this thing is crazy.  Never been to one before, but I gotta say that this is just amazing.  If you think you care and are devoted to Star Wars - these guys make you look like a Kindergardener....  

Lots of stuff to talk about - but the coolest-  

Saw a 6 minute montage of footage from Sith.  All you can say is "WOW."  Fanboys all over the room were wetting their pants.  Rick McCallum introduced it and said - I think this is the one that you were all waiting for - and I feel as if we finally got it right.  

The shots are so dense and the design is so beautiful.... hard to describe and hard to remember everything because it is just so much.  Of course, this showed you no dialog or story - which is usually the problem - but if you went purely on visuals, you would think its the best movie ever... every shot, no matter how wide had hundreds of moving parts.  It really was awesome.  

Oh yeah.  Lots of Yoda and Grievous shots - and they kick ass... the wrinkles and the eyes of Yoda... the way Grevious moves... damn!  

Then Rick showed a quick making of clip - it started with the actors on greenscreen, then added each layer until it was the shot that you see in the film.  Even when you know how they do it, to see it done  in almost real time just makes you freak out about how fast technology has changed.  And how Lucas has led they way....  

Saw Nick Gillard talk.  He was the sword master and fight choreographer for the whole first trilogy.  Lots of funny comments from him like -  

Someone asked him if he looked at the fights from the first trilogy and let that influence the style he developed for this trilogy.  He said no.  He thought the first trilogy fights were "rubbish" and he just started over from scratch.  

Another one asked him about the 7 levels of fighting for Jedi's and how he developed that - and Nick seemed perplexed.  "There are 7 levels?  where did you get that?  I only know one level. "  

He said his fight plan consisted of throwing out all the rules of swordfighting and making sure that anything goes.   

He was a great speaker and very very gracious with the crowd.  

And - I haven't seen this anywhere yet - he said he is about to do a movie that he is directing.  He said its a suspense/ thiller and will star Hayden Christensen and Sam Jackson... so that sounds awesome.  Hopefully there will be a few sword fights in it... :)    

Well.  Back to the fest.  

If you use this, call me  


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