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The House of Flies' Want to see what the Alamo and AICN's AMITYVILLE HORROR House Of Flies was like'

Harry here again - just got sent this photo of Ryan Reynolds in the HOUSE OF FLIES - now - many of you are wondering about the danger - the horror of the room... well - Flies carry disease like I carry Twinkies. It's horrifying! To prove the ick factor - behold the cringing star:

Hey folks, Harry here... Yesterday was the Special AICN Screening of AMITYVILLE HORROR with Ryan Reynolds - and 25,000 Flies! The event came off fantastic. I'll be writing up my review tonight, for now I've got to work on my British Show, followed by some Producer duties. But after that I'll get my review out. The short? I really liked it quite a bit. There's several things it does better than the original, the only disappoint me for me was the level of involvement by the Priest - However, Ryan Reynolds, them kids and THE BABYSITTER more than made up for it. Best Babysitter in the history of film.

This is more about THE HOUSE OF FLIES! The 25,000 Flies were in fine buzzing form. You should've seen all the terrified boys, whom's dates had to reassure them and screw their courage to the sticking place. At one point in the line there was a group of about 11 ladies in a row lined up to enter a room with 25,000 flies... this was perhaps the most William Castle that I've felt in a long time... I was telling them to pinch their noses shut, cuz flies are known in massive hordes like this to lay eggs in the nostrils, that they do it very quickly. Then if you breathe in, the egg takes root in your lungs... so be careful. Heh. Oh it was grand! Fantastic I tell you! The following video was shot by Doc Falken, the resident tech fiend here at AICN. It's rough, but it'll give you a rough idea of what it was like in the chamber!

Click Here For The AMITYVILLE HORROR - HOUSE OF FLIES - Alamo/AICN Experience!

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