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Paris Hilton in talks to remake SEVEN YEAR ITCH & SOME LIKE IT HOT'''


Ahem - Harry here. Just got the following:

PARIS HILTON is in talks to remake some of Marilyn Monroe's old movies!!


MTV: Would you ever want to remake a Monroe movie like "The Seven Year Itch" or "Some Like it Hot"

Hilton: Yeah, there's some talk

Oh God No......keep her away from those classics....PLEASE!!!!!


The only thing I wouldn't mind Paris Hilton remaking of Monroe's is her last act.... and the sooner the better. MY GOD! First off - whoever at MTV asked that fucking question needs Kathy Bates and a friggin sledgehammer to work em over. Second - that answer... It's like somebody just pried nine of my 10 toenails off and made me do the tippy-toe walk through a hill of salt. OUCH! I can't imagine the sheer hatred I'd project towards a remake of either of those films starring an anorexic internet porn star. She isn't an actress, she's a tabloid accident on long legs - My bet is she has never seen or heard of either films, and to just seem vaguely aware just mumbled out the "Yeah, there's some talk," to cover, but in the off chance that she did know those films and that some sad Fox Exec has gone stark raving insane. NO FUCKING WAY!

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