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Now this is cool! Trailer for a 1911 mega budget Italian adaptation of DANTE'S THE INFERNO with Tangerine Dream music!

Hey folks, Harry here - this is pretty damn cool. The very first Italian feature length film. Based on Dante's INFERNO - filled with demons, monsters, hell, damnation, nudity and pretty much the kitchen sink. Oh and Tangerine Dream? It seems it's on DVD in England, but as of now there doesn't seem to be a U.S. Domestic distributor either theatrically or on Home Video - but this looks friggin Amazing! Come on someone... give it to us in theaters!

You gents seen this yet? I think it might greatly interest your readers.

Click Here For L'INFERNO

A 1911 big-budget Italian adaptation of Danté's 'The Inferno', remastered with creepy Tangerine Dream Music. Disturbing and surreal. Courtesy the Fortean list.

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