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UPDATED INFO: Teaser Trailer for DAYWATCH, the Russian Sequel to NIGHTWATCH Debuts OnLine!

Hey folks, Harry here with a real live Russian citizen geek with the lowdown on the future of the series, origin of this series and what is said at the beginning of the trailer below:

Hi Harry

Seeing that you are so excited about the whole Nightwatch business, I've decided to enlighten you on the whole Nightwach/Daywatch business. The series is based on three books: Nightwatch, Daywatch and Twilightwatch. Each book consists of three different sub-novels (each having its own story, but only the final third reveals the whole devious plot of the heads of the Nightwach and the Daywatch). So in fact there will be nine movies in the series and if all goes well Daywatch and Twilightwatch will be filmed in Hollywood (info from the writer's homepage) So far there are two more Nightwach movies instore. I've heard that all three were filmed back to back (in fact a friend of mine have seen the reels with Nightwatch 2 and 3) and its only a matter of post production before they will be put on screen.

As for the ad for the Daywatch (which is not realy Daywatch, but Nightwach 2), it does consist of the images from the first picture, but thats only because (as the voiceover says) in summer 2005 70 countries and millions of people will see the first movie, while the russians will see the second one. One hell of a franchise :)) So in theory they'll keep showing them in movie theatres (at least in Russia) every summer for the next eight years or so.

That's all for now


Hey folks, Harry here with a treat for you lovers of foreign cinema. The Kino-Govno.Com site in Russia has posted an AVI of DAYWATCH. This, of course, aggravated the hell out of me, because the specific codec to play that file on a Mac... apparently isn't to be found. SO - I had a friend, Roro, convert the file to a MPG for all of us without the specific codec necessary. DAYWATCH is still in post-production and hasn't been released yet. It isn't due out in Russia till the end of September. Hopefully Fox Searchlight will get it stateside faster than they have with NIGHTWATCH, but with the same level of quality. Anyway - here's the files:

Click Here for the AVI of the Teaser Trailer of DAYWATCH

Click Here for the MPG of the Teaser Trailer of DAYWATCH hosted here at AICN!

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