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Jane Espenson Wrote Thursday's TRU CALLING!!

I am – Hercules!!

Two reasons to watch Thursday night’s “Tru Calling.”

1) Jane Espenson wrote it. Longtime Coaxial News readers know Espenson is one of Herc’s favorite writers ever. She’s Hunter Thompson good. She’s Alan Moore good. She’s Joss Whedon good. She wrote for “Gilmore Girls.” And “Firefly.” And “Angel.” And she wrote the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episodes that gave Buffy telepathy, and that got Buffy really drunk, and that brought the Watchers to Sunnydale, and that introduced the Aprilbot, and that introduced the Buffybot, and that terrified the Chinese potential! Jane Espenson is The Man! Only, you know, a girl.

2) Liz Vassey, who played Captain Liberty on “The Tick,” is a second-season regular! Liz Vassey is super-extra-dreamy. Liz Vassey is The Man! Except, of course, for her many girly parts.

3) Cutie-pie Eliza Dushku stars as Tru in this show. She used to play Faith, the Vampire Slayer. And no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

Reasons over!! New topic!! Those wondering if “Lost” superwriter David Fury was brought aboard to replace Espenson on the gifted Tim Minear’s wonderful FBI series “The Inside” need wonder no longer! Fury replaces no one! Minear, Espenson and Fury, who all labored together on “Angel” a few years ago, are all now working together to put together the last six episodes of the first season of “The Inside,” headed to your puny TV set this August!!!!

My life is GOOD, you old bag!!

9 p.m. Thursday. Fox.

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