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I AM LEGEND finally set to shoot'

Hey folks, Harry here... I AM LEGEND... Richard Matheson's brilliant work, twice adapted to screen thus far.... Once by Vincent Price (the best version) then most iconically by Charlton Heston. This third adaptation has been a thing of legend in its own right. From the adaptation by Mark Protosevich, which was nearly perfect save for the pandering ending required by Warner Brothers... It has seen different producers and directors as often as... well as Warner's own SUPERMAN. Well it looks like Francis Lawrence, director of CONSTANTINE, has finally tamed the beast. I'm hearing that Will Smith will star... which makes this his first foray into horror. He's fought Aliens and Robots... so why not Vampires. Personally, I can see this... but only if he gives himself over to the tragedy of the role. The melancholy of being the Last Man on Earth. Now, if they're planning on actually shooting this in New York.. that means a pretty huge scale for this. Both previous adaptations were in the more sprawling Los Angeles. Let's see where this goes, I just hope they've kept the books ending... after all, the title isn't I AM A LIVING LEGEND...

Just thought you should be aware - on the "Reel Jobs" section on the Mayor's office website of New York City, they've listed the Richard Matheson adaptation "I Am Legend" in need of a scout staff, aiming for a May 5th start date of actual *shooting*.

First I've heard of this - but hey, I'm looking forward to it.

- SR Hadden

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